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Klay Blaq of King Made Music discusses new single “LearJets -No Luggage”

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KlayBlaq, Producer/Owner of KingMadeMusic productions discusses new single “Learjets no Luggage” and general information regarding current and future endeavors.

Taking a more in depth look at finances.

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Happy Christmas to all. Now that that is out of the way, lets talk about finances. I’ve had discussions with a few folks lately about how much would be needed in a bank account to live BASIC.

For me, I’m referencing military retirement, my music production, etc, etc in the conversation along with whatever endeavors the person I’m conversing with is into (so of course you are talking about your job and your side hustle).

Sometimes you wonder how millionaires go broke, sometimes you dream and say, damn if I had a million, I’d be straight no doubt. Nah cuz, there’s ALOT more that goes into it. Lets do some math shall we: (Keep in mind this is worse case scenario, i.e. not working, hustle dried up, etc)

Ohhhh shit, I have 1,000,000 in the bank, I’m ballin all the way out!! Take ya foot off that gas pedal and hit them brakes cuz.

1,000,000 – 200,000 (simple shelter to keep you out the cold)= 800,000. Shit is already gettin tight, watch.

800,000 – 100,000 (two nice spaceships. One for the old man, one for the old lady)= 700,000

So you’re looking at that seven like, I’m good. Negative ghost rider. Remember, you aint in the spotlight no more, you’re not working, you have no steady stream of income.

That 700,000 in a basic money market at 0.55% annual will only generate roughly 3500 PER YEAR, so you’re looking at about 320 bucks per month. Enough to fill up the tank of them two whips once a month THATS IT.

Property taxes? Groceries? Bills? Vacations? Kicks and Clothes? Emergencies? You can charge all that to the game cause you aint paying for shit else!!!

So in other words, you have 700,000 in the bank, yea you got chips, but ol boy making that minimum wage over there, doing 100 times more in a month than you can dream of.

Ol boy sittin there with 700,000 in the bank on some, “Hi welcome to Walmart” type shit lmao!!! Shit is real baby!!!

Hey, feel free to correct me if there’s an account that will generate more or if there is in fact a way to live off of 700,000 WITHOUT an income.

So whats with the logo?

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Curious about the KingMadeMusic logo?  Have a seat and read about it!!!

For anyone that might be slightly curious as to how the KingMade logo came about/what it represents, I shall break down each component for you…..

As far as the character is concerned,  I’m fully immersed head first into the culture we call hip hop/rap which is why I went with a sort of hybrid B-Boy old school graffiti style.  The mummy itself represents African origins, specifically the Kingdom of Kush around the time of the 25th dynasty of Egypt, which was one of the periods when the Pharaohs and Kings were of African blood…Piye, Taharqa, Kashta, and many many others. Mummy=Valley of the Kings.  The KingMade Chain is displayed for the simple fact that black folks are a naturally ornate people, which is why ol boy rockin the solid cuban link chain. Everybody knows where all the gold and diamonds are anyway. We been wearing that goodness from the start.

The radio speaks for itself. I produce music. It also represents the soul that many of the folks are infused with. Love listening and moving to them tunes. It also represents that old school hip hop when the folks use to tote the radios around with them.  Why is he smoking that blunt?  What ya’ll really think? (I can’t partake anymore at the moment seeing that the Marine Corps is my career, but best believe if it EVER gets to the point where I can live off of these beats, massive clouds of smoke will be put into the atmosphere, flat out!!

So there you have it. KingMadeMusic.  Music made by Kings….for Kings and Queens. Holla at me!!