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Who Is King Made Music?

Born and raised in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, drawn into the craft of writing rhymes at the peak of the 80’s, can describe producer KlayBlaq. The musically nourished young man became inspired by originators like Run DMC and Whodini. ‘Artist turned producer’ KlayBlaq owned a teenage life enhanced via talent shows, and cipher participation – sharpening his craft of performing in front of others before he had his first real love. So in a sense, music was his first love. From the beginning, he held a promising dedication in his heart to the creation of music.

Along the side of independent label NorthStar Records, 2001, KlayBlaq along with G-Wiz, opened up for Ludacris, which then kept his grind in heavy rotation. Just like any independent artist with many years placed into the plan to becoming a big hip hop artist, he became somewhat drained of the artist grind, life became a little more complex, and the plight to becoming the next big rapper didn’t seem like the right path. The young emcee decided to take his mental completely away from making music, and joined the U.S. Marine Corps. Air Traffic Control became his everyday lifestyle, but the thought of music continued to linger in the young aspirator’s life plans.

Between hard work and an upgraded, mature outlook on life, KlayBlaq had earned enough money to open up a brand new chapter in the music business – and transitioned to beatmaker/producer. Ready and fully equipped producer KlayBlaq used his recording equipment to begin creating a library of very competitive sounding music. He then started his very first company, ‘Butcher Boyz Ent.’ The very hardworking producer, at the time stationed in Japan (2009), sold his first tracks ‘From Buses to Beamers’ & ‘Made Kings’. Under the Butcher Boyz imprint, he also released two independent EPs, ‘The Prophecy Pt 1″ and ‘You Know How It Go Volume 1″ to showcase local artists and at the same time introduce his original beats to the public. Due to legal issues that KlayBlaq was unable to challenge because of heavy military deployments to Iraq/Afghanistan, the Butcher Boyz trademark was unable to be registered. However, he used the process as a learning experience and is now building his new brand ‘KingMadeMusic’.

KlayBlaq presents different tones on his production that can’t be found everywhere. His international living experiences help KlayBlaq to produce a type of music that can’t be easily imitated. Artists like UGK, Brotha Lynch, and Jay Z along with producers like Just Blaze and JUSTICE LEAGUE all inspire the concepts KlayBlaq uses within his work. Presently, he is focusing on working with various artists whose lyricism fit his sounds perfectly, utilizing versatility, soul, and classic vibes. He remains an optimistic producer as well, creating a range of beats to offer to those looking to create ‘hit music’. Keep up with KlayBlaq by following him on Facebook & Twitter @KingMadeMusic.


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